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def Localizer::LocalPropertyManager::LocalPropertyManager::manage_addLocalProperty (   self,
  REQUEST = None,
  RESPONSE = None 

Adds a new local property

Definition at line 195 of file LocalPropertyManager.py.

00195                                                                             :
        """Adds a new local property"""
        self._setLocalProperty(id, type)

        if RESPONSE is not None:
            url = "%s/manage_localPropertiesForm" % REQUEST['URL1']

            batch_start = REQUEST['batch_start']
            batch_index = len(self._local_properties_metadata) - 1
            batch_start = self.get_batch_start(batch_start, batch_index)
            lang_hide = REQUEST.get('lang_hide', ())

            url = self.get_url(url, batch_start, batch_index, lang_hide,
                               manage_tabs_message=_('Saved changes.'))

    security.declareProtected('Manage properties', 'manage_editLocalProperty')
    def manage_editLocalProperty(self, id, REQUEST, RESPONSE=None):

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